Calvin Klein Ad Pulled After League Protest

On August 28, Calvin Klein, Inc. announced that it was withdrawing a series of jean ads that featured young people in sexually suggestive poses. The Catholic League, which just ten days earlier had begun a campaign against Calvin Klein, was credited by the media as playing a major role in getting the company to pull its ads. The uproar began when the... [Read more...]

Catholic League TV Show Debuts

October 3 marks the debut of the Catholic League’s first television show. The program will air every Tuesday evening from 7:30 to 8:00 and will feature Catholic League president William Donohue as host. It will reach some 650,000 viewers on Long Island and has the potential of reaching upwards off our million viewers through syndication. The program... [Read more...]

Catholic Bashing, Elite Style

We get lots of calls left on our answering machine, most of which are run-of-the-mill-type messages. Some, however, are downright obscene. But whatever can be said of foul-mouthed bigots, the charge of cowardice or hypocrisy usually doesn’t apply. The same is not true of the Catholic bashers who work at the ABA, Benetton and Calvin Klein. They... [Read more...]

What Is Wrong With This Picture?

By Most Reverend Donald W. Wuerl Bishop of Pittsburgh If you have ever watched a child look for the inconsistency in a “What is wrong with this picture?” puzzle, you have seen the joy of discovery as the child points out a bird flying upside down or circles a clown with his head on backwards. Recently, while I was listening to the turmoil... [Read more...]

Mary Ann Glendon Led Vatican Delegation

Catholic League board of advisor member Mary Ann Glendon led the Vatican delegation at the Fourth United Nations Conference in Beijing. Professor Glendon, who teaches at Harvard Law School, is best known for her work on family law and legal reform. There is no one in the country better able to serve the Vatican and that is why we were so delighted... [Read more...]

A&E Offers Biased Show On Pope Pius XII

On August 11, A&E (Arts and Entertainment) aired a production entitled A & E Investigative Reports: The Pope and the Nazis that portrayed the Pope as guilty of passive acquiescence with the Nazis during World War II. Though the program began with a statement indicating impartiality, the outcome was anything but fair. The conclusion of this... [Read more...]

ABA Offends Christians

The cover story of the summer edition of Human Rights , the American Bar Association journal of the Section on Rights and Responsibilities, concerned the implications of hospital mergers between Catholic and secular institutions. The piece by Tena Jamison (“Should God Be Practicing Medicine?”) is highly critical of such mergers. But it... [Read more...]

Benetton Delights in Sacrilegious Ad

The New York based Benetton Sportsystem, a division of Benetton Group S.p.A., has launched an advertising campaign that will outrage Christians. The ad shows a picture of Jesus Christ crucified on a cross with Roman soldiers hammering nails to the bottom of the cross. The label “Benetton Sportsystem” is placed near the cross with the inscription... [Read more...]

Orlando Newspaper Insults Catholics

We do not typically reprint entire articles that attack Catholicism, but this piece by Liz Langley in the August 10-16 edition of the Orlando W eekly is so bad that we thought our members would like to read it for themselves. Show it to the next person who tells you there isn’t anti-Catholicism in the media. Though the newspaper does not have... [Read more...]

The Juice: Possession is nine-tenths of the fun

By Liz Langley This is a reprint of the column from the Orlando Weekly which is referred to in the above article. The most atrocious murder since Dahmer gave up liver happened a few weeks back. A man decided that he and his two sons were possessed by the devil. So while his younger son and passing drivers watched, he stabbed his 14-year-old, cut off... [Read more...]

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