The following is a list of paid ads that the Catholic League has placed in various media outlets over the years:

September, 2021 to August, 2022: Legatus, “Defending Religious Liberty

September 15, 29 & October 13, 2019: National Catholic Register, “ATTACKS ON THE CHURCH ARE MOUNTING

September 6, 20 & October 4, 2019: Catholic Herald, “FED UP WITH CATHOLIC BASHING?

October 11, 2016: New York Times, “STOP MACY’S THOUGHT POLICE

May 2, 2016: Albany Times Union, “SEXUAL ABUSE LOBBY IS AGENDA-RIDDEN

February 29, 2016: New York Times, “SHAME ON DISNEY-ABC

February 29, 2016: To read the “SHAME ON DISNEY-ABC” ad we initially submitted to the New York Times, but was rejected, click here.

September 15, 2014: New York Times, CHRISTIAN GENOCIDE MUST END

March 3, 2014: New York Times, “HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, HOLY FATHER

May 20, 2013: This ad was rejected by the Philadelphia Inquirer. FOUR CATHOLIC MEN FRAMED

April 15, 2013: New York Times, LEAD US, HOLY FATHER

December 17, 2012:  New York Times, “NEW YORK TIMES SALUTES POPE PIUS XII

October 1 & 2, 2012: This ad was rejected by both The Hollywood Reporter and Variety.  “FX TRASHES NUNS

May 21, 2012: New York Times, “Jon Stewart’s Legacy

May 20, 2012: Kalamazoo Gazette, “What’s Happened To Kellogg’s?

October 31, 2011: Ad rejected by the Kansas City Star ( published in the northeast news): “TAKING AIM AT BISHOP FINN”

April 11, 2011, New York TimesStraight Talk About the Catholic Church

March 14, 2011, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, “Jeffrey Anderson’s Vendetta

August 2010, “Mother Teresa Rally” (This ad appeared in the diocesan newspapers of New York, Brooklyn, Hartford, Rockville Centre and Newark)

March 30, 2010, New York Times, “Going for the Vatican Jugular

October 9, 2008, New York Times, “Pope Pius XII: 50th Anniversary of his Death

September 22, 2008, Washington Times, “Obama, NARAL and Infanticide

April 15, 2008, New York Times, Welcome, Holy Father: Happy Birthday-Happy Anniversary

June 12, 2007, New York Times, “What’s Happened to Barbara Walters?

February 16, 2007, New York Times, “Presidents’ Day Message: Courtesy of John Edwards” **This ad was scheduled to run, but since both Amanda Marcotte and Melissa McEwan quit Edwards’ campaign just as the ad was about to run, we pulled it.**

November 28, 2006, New York Times, “Celebrate Diversity: Celebrate Christmas

September 25, 2006, Washington Times, “Catholics and Jews Join to Defend Pope Benedict XVI

June 7, 2006, New York Times, “Scandal in the Church: Four Years Later

March 6, 2006, New York Times, “Open Letter to Ron Howard: Label “The Da Vinci Code” Fiction

September 20, 2004, New York Times, “Censoring Religious Speech

October 15, 2003, New York Times, “Congratulations, Holy Father on Your Silver Jubilee

September 16, 2003, New York Times, “Why are the Democrats Insulting Catholics?

September 15 – October 7, 2003, Various sources, “Is The Democratic National Committee Anti-Catholic?

June 7, 2002, New York Times, “All Eyes are on Dallas

February 19, 2002, Hartford Courant, “An Appeal to Disney Shareholders: Dump Miramax

November 27, 2001, New York Times, Calling All Christians, Jews and Muslims

May 14, 2001, Variety, “An Appeal to Sumner Redstone: Condemn Showtime’s Catholic Bashing

April 10, 2001, New York Times, “Pope Pius XII: ‘Righteous Gentile’ or ‘Hitler’s Pope’?

October 23, 2000, New York Times, “Who Speaks for Catholics?

August 7, 2000, Roll Call, “Catholic League to Gore: Cancel the Playboy Mansion Fund-Raiser

June 5, 2000, New York Times, “The Holy See: Champion of Women’s Rights

March 11, 2000, New York Times, The Revisionist History of ’60 Minutes‘”

October 26, 1999, New York Times, “Conde Nast has a Problem with Catholicism

September 25, 1999, The Tablet, “Catholic School Teachers: Please Boycott Brooklyn Museum of Art

September 12, 1999, New York Times, “Will the Real Censors Please Stand Up!

June 6, 1999, New York Times, “Appeal to Disney: Dumping ‘Dogma’ Took Guts Now Dump Miramax

April 20, 1999, New York Times, “Remembering the Holocaust’s 5 Million ‘Others‘”

March 29, 1999, San Francisco Chronicle, “San Francisco: City of Tolerance?

October 16, 1998, New York Times, “Pope John Paul II: Enemy of Anti-Semitism

June 15, 1998, New York Times, “Shylock and Sambo’ Hits Broadway

May 22, 1998, New York Times, “Catholic League’s Silver Anniversary (1973-1998)

December 22, 1997, New York Times, “Was the Church Silent During the Holocaust?

September 8, 1997, Advertising Age, “Thinking About Advertising on ABC’s ‘Nothing Sacred’? Think Again!

October 27, 1996, New York Times, “Congratulations, Holy Father

October 1996, First Things, “Not All Wars are Equally Bad

October 1, 1995, New York Times, “Welcome, Holy Father

September 3, 1995, New York Times, “The Holy See: Voice of Sanity in a Sea of Madness

April 10, 1995, New York Times, “What’s Happening to Disney?

January 20, 1995, New York Times, “An Open Letter to the President of the United States

November 1, 1994, Washington D.C. buses, “Facts About Condoms

October 16, 1994, New York Times, “Congratulations, Holy Father

September 1, 1994, New York City Subways, “Welcome Back to School

August 29, 1994, New York Times, “An Open Letter to the President

April 24, 1994, New York City Subways, “Want to Know a Dirty Little Secret? Condoms Don’t Save Lives

February 24, 1994, “Open Letter to Arsenio Hall

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