ABC and Disney refuse to disclose the names of the sponsors for the fall show, “Nothing Sacred”; it debuts September 18. Consequently, the Catholic League ran the following ad in the September 8th edition of Advertising Age:




September 18 is the premiere of the ABC show “Nothing Sacred.” The folks at Disney and ABC won’t reveal who the advertisers are, but that’s okay, we’ll know soon enough. And when we do we’ll mobilize our 350,000 members to conduct a campaign against the sponsors that they won’t forget. In addition, we will contact our friends in the Protestant, Jewish and Muslim communities to join the protest.

Quite frankly, we’ve had it with Disney. First Michael Eisner treats us to the Disney/Miramax movie “Priest” and now he lays “Nothing Sacred” on us. In March 1995 the Catholic League became the first organization in the nation to call for a boycott of Disney. When we did so, few took us seriously. But now—given the large number of organizations that have also called for a boycott of Disney—few don’t take us seriously.

A word to the wise: take this campaign seriously and move your ad money to some other show.

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