We do not typically reprint entire articles that attack Catholicism, but this piece by Liz Langley in the August 10-16 edition of the Orlando W eekly is so bad that we thought our members would like to read it for themselves. Show it to the next person who tells you there isn’t anti-Catholicism in the media. Though the newspaper does not have a large circulation, it is still disturbing that such an article would find its way into print.

Catholic League president William Donohue issued the following comment to the press regarding the article:

“The Langley piece is one of the most anti-Catholic articles to have appeared in some time. Jeff Truesdell, the editor ofthe Orlando Weekly, has refused to run an apology for publishing Langley’s article. When asked whether he would accept an article from the Ku Klux Klan, Truesdell said he would not, explaining that he ‘doesn’t agree with their views.’ He has no problem, he said, with Langley’s views, stating that he didn’t think she meant to offend Catholics.

“Accordingly, I will now mobilize a public relations offensive against the newspaper, using every tactic this side of the law to discredit the paper. As for Langley herself, the best way to discredit her column is to republish it. Having already received permission to reprint the article, I will make certain it appears in the next edition of Catalyst, the monthly journal of the Catholic League. We will also publish the address, phone and fax numbers of the newspaper, complete with advice to our readers.”

Here is where you can contact the Orlando Weekly . Let them know what you think:

Jeff Truesdell Editor Orlando Weekly 807 South Orlando Avenue, Suite R Winter Park, Florida 32789

Phone: (407) 645-5888 Fax: (407) 645-2547

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