October 3 marks the debut of the Catholic League’s first television show. The program will air every Tuesday evening from 7:30 to 8:00 and will feature Catholic League president William Donohue as host. It will reach some 650,000 viewers on Long Island and has the potential of reaching upwards off our million viewers through syndication. The program will be produced by Telicare, the cable station of the Diocese of Rockville Centre, and will be shown on channel 25.

The format will include guests of varying perspectives and religions. Donohue will begin each show with a brief summary of the latest incidents of Catholic bashing and what the Catholic League is doing about them. He expects the show will address many timely and controversial issues.

It is uncertain whether the show will ever reach a nationwide audience, but that is certainly something the Catholic League would like to happen. Much of the success of the Catholic League is directly related to its frequent use of media outlets to get its point across. Having a show of its own makes it all the more likely that the Catholic League’s influence will grow.

The Catholic League looks forward to engaging friend and foe alike in robust debate. In the last issue of Catalyst, Donohue labeled the style of the Catholic League “responsibly aggressive.” It is his expectation that the League’s new television show will mirror that style.

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