Quite a few members have written to us complaining that the play, Late Nite Catechism, is popular with a number of Catholics. We stick by our guns: while it is far from the worst play on Catholics (that award goes to Sister Mary Ignatius), it nonetheless caricatures Catholic customs and traditions as they existed in the pre-Vatican II era, the result being a trivialization of Catholicism.

The fact that a Lutheran church in the Broadway vicinity decided to host the play was another reason why the league protested.

For the league, it makes no difference whether it is the Church before or after Vatican II that is being held up to public ridicule. However, we sadly recognize that this is a view that is obviously not shared by all Catholics, including some nuns and priests. To those who disagree with the league’s assessment, perhaps they can explain to us why the New York Times has chosen to characterize the play as follows: “Like the best standup comics…Ms. [Maripat] Donovan, who plays the overwhelming and vastly appealing character… is willing to push her act right over the edge.”

Now if the Times can figure out what’s going on, why can’t some Catholics?

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