Anti-Catholicism shows up virtually everywhere, but we never thought we’d see the Church attacked in a dog magazine. But that’s exactly what happened when The American Cocker Magazine decided to publish a piece by J. Michael Asbill called, “The Article They Didn’t Want Published!”

For some unexplained reason, Asbill went into orbit over the Church’s teachings on contraception, arguing that contraception is banned because it limits “The creation of more Catholics.” Naturally, the article repeats the old canards about the Church being filthy rich, etc.

Even more interesting than Asbill’s contribution to enlightenment was the reaction of the editor to a complaint registered by a Catholic League member. A woman named Michael Allen responded by saying that the article was “intelligently written, well thought out and factual,” which only goes to show what passes as intelligence in a dog rag.

Allen not only denies that the article was anti-Catholic, she professes to believe that she has “never at any time had any anti-Catholic views expressed to me or in my hearing.” But guess what prejudice she has heard before? “If there is any anti-sentiment alive in America today,” the cocker editor explained, “it seems that the Jewish community bears the brunt of it.” Thanks for the tip, Mike.

Allen not only is unaware of anti-Catholicism, she admitted in a letter sent to the league that “I was surprised and amazed to read your letterhead and discover that the Catholic faith is in need of a league to defend it’s rights, especially one that requires the services of so many people.” She just doesn’t get it.

It’s enough to make a Catholic want to bark for help. ??

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