Sinead O’Connor, the Irish singer who once tore up a picture of the pope on Saturday Night Live, is back in the news, meaning that she is being noticed once again for what she does best—bash Catholics.

O’Connor is casting in Ireland as the Virgin Mary in Neil Jordan’s “The Butcher Boy” film. In her movie debut, O’Connor appears to the troubled title character as an apparition uttering vile language; it is not certain whether the language will remain. One thing’s for sure: if her acting is on a par with her singing, it’s a sure bet that she’ll have to find yet another medium to express her anti-Catholicism (get the canvas ready).

Meanwhile, the mighty Brits seem to be quite busy these days acting in a very ungentlemanly fashion. Between “Father Ted” and Sinead’s latest tirade, one wonders what possesses these people to act so lovingly towards Catholics?

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