For some reason, the gossip guru, Ann Landers, has a thing about Catholics. One might have thought that after being slapped for a previous column impugning Catholicism, the chatterbox would back off. But, no, she’s at it again, this time cloaking her sentiments by publishing letters that disparage Catholicism.

We let her column of September 8, 1996 go (she published three letters, all of which were hypercritical of Catholicism), but we are not going to let her column of January 24, 1997 go. In that piece, Landers published a letter from someone in Chicago, the subject of which was, “Biblical Answers Hilarious.”

The letter listed 14 “hilarious” remarks about Christianity. Most of the entries were harmless enough, but some were not. In particular, the league took offense at this one: “Jesus was born because Mary had an immaculate contraption.”

Landers obviously gets a ton of mail and most of it never sees the light of day. For her to pick letters like the three last September and again this winter shows an underlying antipathy to Catholicism. It simply won’t do for her to say that nothing that she said was hostile to Catholicism: she chose these letters because she wanted to convey a message. She succeeded—we got the message. Now give her one by writing to her.

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