A Catholic League member who recently retired from working as a supervising producer at CNN for more than twelve years, had a chance to publish some of his thoughts about CNN in a letter to Vanity Fair. What he had to say is of particular interest to Catholics.

Evidently, CNN expects that its top producers should “march in step with the Democratic Party line if they wish to be accepted by management.” With regards to Catholics and Jews, it is said that “A rabbi could get the ear of Ted Turner quicker than could the Pope.” Moreover, producers cannot expect to see their careers enhanced unless they “treat Arab views with disdain while supporting Israel as if it were the 51st state.”

What bothered the league most was the statement that “coverage of the annual Easter sunrise service at the Vatican was discontinued by CNN because Jews had no equally spectacular religious observance.”

From what we have been able to determine, CNN does not disavow canceling the Easter sunrise service, but it maintains that this was done because CNN does not afford any other religion such elaborate coverage of one of their sacred days. But even if this account is true, it raises a question about CNN’s judgment and ultimately provides an unsatisfactory response.

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