The image of Our Blessed Mother remains under attack.  In Chicago, an image believed to be the Virgin Mary on an expressway underpass has been repeatedly defaced.  Demonic graffiti is the latest assault on the image.  In Kansas, vandals smashed part of a statue of Mary, along with statues of Christ, St. John and St. Bernadette, which were arranged in the grotto at the Redemptorist Parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help.

Finally, in Chile, a well known fashion designer recently dressed his models up like Our Lady but with little covering for the models’ breasts.  His show was condemned by the local Catholic diocese and others, but it proceeded.  Ricardo Oyarzun defended his religious-themed show as “artistic expression,” per Reuters.

Oyarzun’s statement about “artistic expression” is the same old tripe uttered when a Catholic symbol is attacked.  We do not see people like him defacing or demeaning images of Mohammad’s daughter, Fatima.  That would take guts.

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