Based on the Raymond Khoury novel, the NBC mini-series “The Last Templar” is a poor knock-off of “The DaVinci Code” that tries to fuse fast action with religious mystery.  According to the reviews, it fails miserably at both.  The story is about the hunt for a relic of the Knights Templar; the relic leads to their hidden treasure, the lost diary of Jesus.

The book apparently did not transfer well to the small screen.  The Los Angeles Timesreviewer comments, “What begins as a more than slightly fantastic revision of the Templar legend takes an ill-advised turn toward theological theorizing and New Agey spiritual advice.”  USA Today concurs:   “Soon, we’re trodding the well-worn Da Vinci path of faith-bursting relics and Catholic conspiracies.”  Even entertainment periodical Variety understood the limits of this production: “As for a thread regarding [the main character’s] lack of faith, any serious contemplation of religion seems several notches above [its] pay grade.”

If it’s this bad, Catholics have nothing to worry about.

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