Bill Donohue comments on the upset victory by Democratic primary challenger Brian Barnwell over incumbent New York Assemblywoman Margaret Markey:

The big losers last night are those who have been waging war against the Catholic Church in New York State: Margaret Markey, the Daily News, and attorney Marci Hamilton.

Markey spent 18 years of her life trying to stab the Catholic Church. First elected in 1998, she has been at the forefront of bills that would do absolutely nothing to protect public school students who have been molested by their teachers. Her sole objective was to sponsor bills that exclusively targeted private institutions, her real goal being parochial schools. The one time she strayed from her agenda and included public schools in her bill, she incurred the wrath of the public school establishment.

Markey’s low point came this past spring when she falsely accused Brooklyn Bishop Nicholas DiMarzio of trying to bribe her nearly a decade ago. It showed a side to her so dirty that no respectable person could stomach it. I called for her to resign in June. Now she’s toast.

In recent years, the New York Daily News has turned strongly anti-Catholic, highlighting stories on miscreant priests while burying similar stories on rabbis. It has also been a steadfast supporter of Markey’s selective indignation, ripping the Catholic Church at will.

Another loser is attorney Marci Hamilton. She spends her days working with other anti-Catholic lawyers across the nation plotting to sue the Catholic Church. She is a dishonest person whose agenda is so totally transparent that no sentient human being could fail to see it.

This is a big win for justice.


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