The Virgin Mary –

Dead AND Alive!


That’s what the ad said in the August 16 edition of the Oregonian. We tapped into the website and found an Internet version of the same Catholic-baiting ploy we’ve seen many times before in print. There is a picture of the Virgin Mary standing in front of a mother and child—all done quite respectfully—with a statement that appears below the ad. Only this time, on the Internet version, there is a question mark at the end instead of an exclamation point.

Here is what the statement says:

There are two groups of people

One group would like to believe that Mary is still in the grave

The other group would like to believe that she is risen

Neither group wants to believe the opinion of the other group

Why not give yourself an advantage and get both opinions

Then you can decide for yourself

Similar kinds of nonsense can be found on this website. What is surprising is not that such stuff exists (crackpots have always been with us) but that there is an audience for it. Anti-Catholicism, we’ve often said, comes in many varieties. This ad proves our point.

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