Television producers at the major networks have pledged to shock the public by deliberately going over the edge with their new shows this season. For example, obscenities will be uttered on prime time television for the first time, including the “F” word. This is something that the producers at CBS, ABC and NBC are determined to do.

They feel good about it. What’s new is not the goal but the resolve. Steven Bochco, executive producer of the new ABC show, “Philly,” has long boasted of his desire to push the envelope but up until now the in-house censors at the networks have held him back. But that’s about to change.

TV executives say a record number of scripts are being submitted to them that are replete with vulgarities. There will also be “nudity warnings” on shows scheduled to air during the family hour. Not surprisingly, blasphemies will also be aired.

Aaron Sorkin is the executive producer of the popular NBC show “The West Wing.” It is his personal goal to break the longstanding network taboo of not using the Lord’s name in vain. Whether he succeeds is up to the top brass at NBC.

We have long noticed that obscenity and blasphemy frequently track each other. Obscene art displays, for instance, are often accompanied by artwork that directly attacks Jesus or Mary. The purpose is to destroy the traditional values structure that undergirds our society. Why? Because of twisted ideas of freedom.

The Catholic League will monitor these shows carefully for any content that ridicules or insults our religion. We will also deliver a swift response if offended.

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