AIDS is caused by the Catholic Church. Many sexperts and homosexual activists have made this accusation before, and even members of the Protestant clergy have been known to agree, but now we have the major newspapers in Seattle joining the bandwagon.

In August, both the Seattle Times and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer ran articles blaming the Church for AIDS. In addition to irresponsible accusations, the newspapers lied about the facts. To be specific, the Seattle Times said, “There is virtually no debate among experts in medical science and public health that condom use is critical to preventing the spread of the disease.” What is striking about this sweeping generalization is that just recently a major report was issued concluding that condom use is not a safe way to guard against HIV/AIDS.

“In logic that is both convoluted and deadly,” writes Mindy Cameron in the Seattle Times, “bishops reasoned that condom use contributes to the ‘breaking down of self-control and mutual respect.’” There is nothing convoluted about this: it is a straightforward statement—self-control breaks down when people succumb to their passions and engage in immoral acts.

Kimberly Mills of the Seattle Post-Intelligencer is just as irresponsible. After first repeating the canard about the Vatican being “officially silent during the Holocaust,” she blames the Church for AIDS in Africa. “Now a viral version of Hitler is rampaging through another part of the world,” she says, “and the Vatican risks similar ignominy if it cannot find a way to relax the ban on condoms, particularly in Africa where more than 25 million people have been infected with HIV….”

Now had all those 25 million followed the Vatican’s teachings on sexuality, they wouldn’t have HIV.  But that would have required self-control and mutual respect.

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