The January 4-11 edition of Time Out New York magazine features a discussion of the best and worst of 2000 in many categories, ranging from Dance to Sports.  In the Gay & Lesbian section, the top listing for “The Best” of 2000 (found on page 91) reads as follows:

Cardinal John O’Connor kicks the bucket
The press eulogized him as a saint,
when in fact, the pious creep was a
stuck-in-the-1950s, antigay menace.
Good riddance!

Catholic League president William Donohue commented as follows:

“There are not too many magazines that would celebrate the death of John Cardinal O’Connor.  Indeed, I can’t think of any, other than Time Out New York.  Why they did so is not hard to explain.  The homosexual-oriented publication has for years bemoaned deaths due to AIDS while simultaneously running articles and advice columns that encourage the very behaviors that are the proximate cause of the disease.  What Cardinal O’Connor represented to these self-destructive souls was holiness, and that is why they’re so angry with him—he reminds them of everything they’re not.

“While Time Out New York was urging homosexuals to live a life of abandon—one that resulted in death due to AIDS—Cardinal O’Connor was personally attending to the needs of these persons in hospitals.  That he also presided over the largest private provider of care for AIDS patients in New York is something that the surviving family members of those treated will not forget.  Now ask them whether they agree with Time Out’s characterization of Cardinal O’Connor.

“This isn’t merely anti-Catholicism at work—it’s cultural fascism.”

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