Actress Heather Graham, of “Austin Powers” fame, took to bashing the Catholic Church in an interview in the February edition of Talk magazine.

As reported today in the New York Post, Graham blames the Church for stifling her sex life when she was growing up.  “Why do I have to do what all these men are saying?  Why is a women’s sexuality supposed to be evil?”

William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, addressed Graham’s comments today:

“Poor Heather.  Life has been so unfair to her.  Having been subjected to the sexual reticence of the Catholic Church, she is now free as a bird to throw off all her shackles.  So she now accepts film roles posing either as a slut or a porn star, reducing herself so low that she actually partook in a ‘butt licking’ scene with Robert Downey Jr. in ‘Two Girls and a Guy.’  But much to Heather’s chagrin, that scene never made it past the censors.  No doubt they were Catholic.

“It is our hope that Heather soon gets a grip on her sexual hang-ups.  She doesn’t need therapy, just some counseling by a priest.”

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