Time Out New York magazine has announced that it will run an apology in its next issue for celebrating the death of John Cardinal O’Connor.  The celebratory comments were made in the January 4-11 edition: the death of the New York Archbishop was rated as the best event of 2000 in its Gay & Lesbian “Best and Worst of 2000” listing.

William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, explained the league’s reaction today:

“The apology by Time Out New York is unacceptable and is therefore rejected.  We reject the apology for several reasons.

“The magazine’s editor, Joe Angio, now says ‘We regret offending anyone, but we don’t dispute the contention that [O’Connor] was a menace to the gay community.’  Menace to the gay community?  Among those who are a menace to the gay community are gay activists like those who work at Time Out New York; it is their promotion of reckless sex that causes so many homosexuals to die prematurely.

“If the attack on Cardinal O’Connor were an anomaly, it could be argued that the apology should be accepted.  But on the contrary, Time Out New York  has a track record of Catholic bashing.  In addition, this was not said in the heat of debate on radio or TV—it was a written statement that was approved by several editors.

“Unfortunately, Time Out New York’s vicious attack is now being supported by Carmen Vasquez, a spokeswoman for the Lesbian and Gay Community Services Center.  She is quoted as saying that Cardinal O’Connor ‘made the lives of gays and lesbians miserable with his public comments and opposition to their way of life.’  Wrong.  It is the death-style favored by so many gays and lesbians that makes their lives miserable.  Indeed, had they practiced the restraint that the Church teaches, many more would be alive to discuss this issue.”

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