The November Catalyst carried an article, “The Deepest Bias,” that mentioned a positive review of an anti-Catholic book published by the American Library Association (ALA). Steve Schroeder reviewed the book, The Jesus Mysteries, in the ALA newsletter, Booklist. Donohue complained in August to Bill Ott, the editor and publisher, but did not hear back. But when we asked our members to write, Ott wasted no time responding.

Ott’s letter was long, thorough and honest. While he did not share all of our objections, he did criticize Schroeder for his “unfortunate flippancy of tone” and “inappropriate choice” of words. In short, he clearly understood the point our members were making.

Ott’s honesty is important and that is why Donohue wrote to him thanking him for his candidness, letting him know that he would share this with readers of Catalyst.

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