Irving Louis Horowitz is publisher of Transaction Press, a world-renowned sociologist, and a supporter of the Catholic League. His range of subjects is absolutely startling. One of his areas of expertise is Cuba, and what he recently had to say regarding the status of Catholicism there is deeply disturbing.

Castro has now suspended diplomas or degrees of professionals who enter a seminary or religious order; this has impacted mostly on medical students who have joined the Jesuits or Franciscans. Textbooks have been purged of Catholic pictures and stories and there is new crusade against dissidents. Indeed, Cuba’s best-known Catholic political prisoner, Oscar Elias Biscet Gonzales, is now being silenced because of his anti-abortion activities.

The Cuban people have suffered greatly. Those who have managed to emigrate here have been a real plus for the U.S. Please keep them in your prayers and let your congressman know about the latest round of persecution.

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