The reaction of the Catholic League to incidents of Catholic bashing depends on many factors, one of which is the offender’s style. When we deal with wise guys, as we did when we spotted an article and a cartoon in NY Press (one of those free underground weeklies), we often respond in kind. The following is an example of what we mean.

Dear Editor:

Jonathan Ames writes a predictably dumb piece about his travels (April 21-27), barely touching on Catholicism. Yet his article is entitled, “I Have the Same Nose as Jesus,” and the cartoon by Doug Allen shows a girl wearing a Catholic uniform receiving oral sex. Since Ames identifies himself as a Jew, the question I have is whether he is ever moved to treat his own people this way. If so, please send me the evidence. If not, knock it off.

As for Allen, I don’t know what he is. But if he’s not Catholic, the same applies to him. If he’s Catholic, he ought to do us all a favor and bolt.


William A. Donohue


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