In a story in today’s New York Post, it is reported that Miramax co-chairman Harvey Weinstein has pressured Hillary Clinton to drop her plans to pose for the cover of George so that she can appear on the cover of Talk, a new magazine that is being funded by Bob and Harvey Weinstein.

The Clinton-Weinstein tie is more than casual: in 1998, and again in 1999, Harvey Weinstein contributed $10,000 to President Clinton’s Legal Expense Trust, the maximum allowed by law; he also gave them a first-edition copy of “Welcome to the Monkey House” in 1998. The Weinsteins are known to be among the top fund-raisers for the Clintons.

In October, the Weinsteins are determined to release the anti-Catholic movie, “Dogma.” The Clinton-Weinstein connection deserves scrutiny.

Catholic League president William Donohue discussed the problem today:

“Four years ago, the Weinsteins insulted Catholics by distributing the movie ‘Priest,’ and now they are prepared to do the same again by releasing ‘Dogma.’ Meanwhile, one of their best friends, Hillary Clinton, continues her relationship with the Weinsteins, never questioning their ethics.

“In 1997, Hillary Clinton slammed the movie, ‘My Best Friend’s Wedding,’ simply because Julia Roberts smoked too much in the film. Can she now summon the courage to slam ‘Dogma,’ what with its filthy humor targeted at Catholics?

“Catholics need to know—and this is especially true of Catholic New Yorkers—whether Hillary Clinton is as exercised about Catholic bashing as she is smoking. The Catholic League calls on her to break her association with the Weinsteins by refusing to accept another dime from them. We’d also like to hear her sound off against ‘Dogma.’”

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