Hollywood gets a bad rap these days for producing too much sex and violence. In the opinion of the Catholic League, the rap is deserved. But some are trying to change things.

Barbara Nicolosi, a Catholic screenwriter and the former Director of Development for Paulist Productions, is the Director of ACT ONE. This new group will commence in August with its inaugural season of a new interdenominational program in Hollywood to prepare the next generation of Christian screenwriters.

According to Miss Nicolosi, “As a Church, we have allowed ourselves to be defined in the popular culture by mostly non-believers.” She doesn’t mince words: “Hollywood has not abandoned Christian values. Christians have for the most part washed their hands of Hollywood. ACT ONE is a long- overdue response to the call of Vatican II for believers to roll up our sleeves and express our own vision as followers of Christ through the world’s biggest and most influential pulpits—film and television.”

ACT ONE: Writing for Hollywood is currently recruiting students for the month-long writing intensive program which will begin August 2. For more information about applying to the program, call (323) 462-1348.

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