The principal of The Thomas Jefferson Magnet School of Humanities in Flushing, New York, Dr. Fran Levy, has issued a memo to teachers encouraging them to bring to school religious symbols that represent the Muslim, Kawanza and Jewish religions.  (Kawanza, however, is not a religion.)  No mention of Christianity was made.  Indeed, when a Christmas tree was put up in the school, Dr. Levy ordered it taken down because it was too large; she said it was too big when compared with the menorah and crescent and star.

Catholic League president William Donohue commented as follows:

“Dr. Levy has issued a memo that is mind-boggling.  She has set her school up for a lawsuit.  It would be hard to find a more classic demonstration of discrimination against Christians in a public school anywhere in the nation.

“The Catholic League will not be appeased if Dr. Levy decides to put back the Christmas tree.  The Christmas tree is a secular symbol.  If she is going to allow religious symbols such as a menorah and crescent and star, then she must permit the display of a nativity scene.  Either that or ban all religious symbols.  But we will not tolerate a discriminatory policy and that is why we will use all our resources to correct this injustice.”

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