Catholics for a Free Choice (CFFC) is launching a global campaign that seeks to change the Catholic Church’s teachings on sexuality.  The group wants to end what it calls “the Catholic bishops’ ban on condoms.”  The ad reads as follows: “Catholic people care.  Do our bishops?  Because the bishops ban condoms, innocent people die.”

Frances Kissling, president of CFFC, says “The Vatican and the world’s bishops bear significant responsibility for the death of thousands of people who have died from AIDS.”

William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, commented as follows on the latest attack by Kissling:

“The media need to know the following about CFFC:

  • It has no members
  • It wouldn’t exist without the largesse of the Ford Foundation and other elites who hate the Catholic Church’s teachings on sexuality
  • Its president, Frances Kissling, long ago excommunicated herself from the Catholic Church for illegally operating abortion clinics overseas
  • One of Kissling’s longtime associates, Marjorie Reiley Maguire, has testified that none of those active in CFFC attend Mass and that the group is profoundly “anti-woman”
  • Kissling has expressly stated (in a Mother Jones interview) that her goal is to “overthrow” the Catholic Church
  • Catholic bishops have twice condemned the group for falsely posturing itself as Catholic

Regarding Kissling’s latest tirade, suffice it to say that the bishops have found a way to stop the spread of AIDS: practice restraint.  And remember what the Catholic League says: only fools think condoms are foolproof.”

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