The Internet portal, Yahoo!, displays a bias against Catholics that it refuses to correct.  When the word “Catholic” is typed in to the search engine site, the second of the Category Matches has a listing called “Christian History > Catholic Inquisition.”  By clicking on that category, the listings of “Torture” and “Witch Hunts” appear.  But when the words “Protestant,” “Judaism,” or “Islam” are typed in, no negative episodes associated with these religions are listed.  No other Internet portal shows an anti-Catholic bias.

Just as disturbing, when “Catholicism” is typed in, the first listing under Web Site Matches is “The Case Against Catholicism.”  It consists mainly of the work of “Joseph McCabe’s Rationalist Encyclopedia.”  More accurately, it consists of some of the most remarkably twisted interpretations of the history of the Catholic Church ever produced.  The second listing is called “Gay and Lesbian Catholicism”: it is loaded with criticism of the Church’s teachings on sexuality.  Interestingly, the official Vatican website, “The Holy See,” is listed fourth.

Catholic League president William Donohue addressed this issue today:

“On November 2, I wrote a letter to Yahoo! CEO Terry Semel stating my objections to his portal’s bias against Catholicism.  He has chosen not to respond and that is why I am making this matter public. Indeed, since my letter was written, things have only gotten worse: the ‘Joseph McCabe’ contribution to anti-Catholicism was entered after November 2.

“Nothing I have objected to is outside the control of Yahoo!  If they wanted to correct this situation they could easily do so.  Evidently, they do not care if they offend Catholics.  But maybe they’ll change their tune once they are avalanched with complaints.  We will begin by posting our complaint on our website,, and will ask people to write to Mr. Semel.  We will also publish Mr. Semel’s address in the next issue of our monthly journal, Catalyst.”

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