Maureen Dezell is not particularly fond of the Catholic Church. This explains why she writes for the Boston Globe. She fits like a glove.

Dezell takes a shot at the Church any chance she gets.

For Example, in her column of October 21, she spoke positively about the inveterate Catholic-bashing playwright, Christopher Durang. Durang is famous for “Sister Mary Ignatius Explains It All for You.” Dezell writes that when this play opened in Boston a number of years ago, it was criticized for “anti-Catholic bigotry.” She puts quotes around the term so the reader knows she doesn’t think the play is anti-Catholic. This makes perfect sense given that she doesn’t acknowledge the existence of anti-Catholicism in the first place, this despite her own contributions to it. Or perhaps we should say her blind spot exits because of her own contributions.

After mentioning that the Catholic League protested the play when it opened, Dezell calls the league “a headline-grabbing group that has no official connection with the Catholic Church and represents the views of a minority of the church’s members.” Spoken like a true mountebank.

What Dezell failed to mention was that our “headline-grabbing” protest of the play was joined by the ADL, the National Conference of Christians and Jews and the American Jewish Committee. Unlike her, they were able to recognize the explicit and malicious anti-Catholic bigotry in the play. What she also failed to mention is that while the Catholic League is an independent, non-profit organization, it is also listed in the Official Catholic Directory.

More important, if we represent no one but a minority of the Church’s members, why is she so bothered by us?  She has attacked us before and will do so again. Which is testimony not only to our strength, but to the fact that we’ve gotten under her skin.

You can contact her at the Boston Globe, P.O. Box 2378, Boston, MA 02107. We’re sure she’d like to hear from you.

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