Catholic League research analyst Louis Giovino scored in the pages of the Jerusalem Post when the newspaper published his letter taking another critic of Pope Pius XII to task.

Giovino was not too happy with the glowing review that the newspaper gave to Susan Zuccotti’s book, Under His Very Window: The Vatican and the Holocaust. He noted that the author curiously admits in her book that the Catholic Church was responsible for rescuing many Jews. Yet she argues that this was done without any input from the pope.

“The usual canard is that Pius had such a tight grip on everything that nothing happened without him ordering it,” Giovino said, “yet it is proven that a massive rescue operation by Church personnel of Jews all over Europe was in place and Zuccotti claims the Pope didn’t know anything about it.” With justified sarcasm, Giovino offers, “So Pius is blamed for the supposed inactivity of the Vatican but when proof of the heroic deeds of Catholics to rescue Jews are found, the Pope gets absolutely no credit.”

He ends his letter by exclaiming, “It seems there is a hole in Zuccotti’s thesis through which her agenda is showing.” Exactly.

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