With only two weeks to go before the election, New York mayoral hopeful Mark Green was so far in front of his Republican challenger, Mike Bloomberg, that his victory seemed like a slam dunk. Then the bottom fell out on Green as he made one stupid move after another.

It really isn’t fair to say that Green’s moves were stupid. More accurately, they were unethical. For example, Green tried to tag Bloomberg with being insensitive to women. He charged, without ever offering any proof, that Bloomberg had once told a pregnant woman to get an abortion by screaming, “Kill it! Kill it!”

Green put these words on TV screens all over New York hoping to trigger voter revulsion. He succeeded. But what he didn’t count on was that he would be the target of the revulsion.

What fascinates the Catholic League about this is that many of those who were turned off by this unseemly tactic were never asked to explain the source of their angst. If abortion isn’t the taking of innocent human life then why should it matter that anyone would counsel a woman to “Kill it”? Moreover, it is impossible to kill that which is not alive. No one says of a desk or shoe, “Kill it!”

So we’re perplexed. What exactly is being killed when a pregnant woman is advised to “Kill it”?

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