The cable network, Comedy Central, has a problem with Catholics. What it is we do not know, but the file we have on them is building, suggesting that something is rotten at the station.

The latest offense took place on August 4 during the “Porn Losers” segment of “The Daily Show.” In a skit about New York Mayor Rudolph Giuliani’s move to close porn shops, especially those located within 500 feet of a church, the commentary got ugly. With St. Patrick’s Cathedral in the background, here is what the character A. Whitney Brown had to say: “This [the new regulation] is to make sure that children on their way to church need not fear being molested…by priests on their way to a porn shop.”

The next statement by Whitney was as follows: “Once again decent citizens will be able to enter this house of worship, kneel down in front of a nearly naked man hanging from a wooden apparatus by a series of gruesome body piercings, and engage in their bizarre practices of ritualized blood-drinking and cannibalism, without being assaulted by graphic images of attractive young women with bare breasts.”

Members are urged to write to Doug Herzog, CEO, Comedy Central, 1775 Broadway, New York, New York 10019 and let him know what you think of this humor. We already did.

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