Yesterday and today, Comedy Central aired a “Daily Show” segment with host Craig Kilborn that outdid all its previous attacks on Christianity. This one celebrated the Terrence McNally anti-Christian play, “Corpus Christi,” by calling it a “delightfully blasphemous homosexual romp.” It aired a news clip of those priests who protested the play on September 22, mocking them throughout. What followed made this look tame. Here is a direct quote from Kilborn:

“While historians argue that Jesus was not gay, there is evidence he did enjoy the occasional three-way [a photo of the three crosses of the Crucifixion is flashed on the screen]. The opening night reviews were mixed with critics complaining about the erotic raising of Lazarus scene and the one act with a second, third and fourth coming of Christ.”

Catholic League president William Donohue commented as follows:

“Just as Terrence McNally, or anyone associated with the Manhattan Theatre Club, refuses to debate me, no one at Comedy Central is available to discuss this matter with me. It must be a terrible thing to go to work each day convinced that it is impossible to publicly defend one’s efforts. But perhaps the worst element in this was the audience reaction: the crowd roared with laughter as Jesus Christ was attacked in a vicious and obscene way.

“In David Clay Large’s account of Hitler’s rise to power, Where Ghosts Walk, he mentions how Hitler arrived in Munich in 1913, settling on the edge of Schwabing, the city’s artistic and intellectual quarter. ‘He did so,’ Large explains, ‘because he considered himself to be an artist and wanted to be close to the center of action.’ He was—Schwabing was Germany’s bohemia. Isn’t it striking that it was in this milieu of moral nihilism that Hitler was nurtured? Something for the Comedy Central folks to think about.”

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