The June Catalyst listed the name and address of a dentist from the Scranton area who offered free check-ups to members of the junior class from Bishop O’Reilly High School. Dr. Dale Wilkie made the offer after the class was told that there would be no junior prom this because of the way the class misbehaved when Auxiliary Bishop John Doughtery spoke at the school in the spring. After other local merchants and broadcasters withdrew their promise to reward the miscreants, Dr. Wilkie stood fast, hence the reason we asked members to contact him. They did.

Dr. Wilkie wrote us explaining that he only meant to reward those students who were innocent (how he was to know this he did not say), making the argument that the innocent should not be punished. But he added “I apologize to Bishop Dougherty, the school administration, parents of the students, and members of the Catholic League for any inconvenience that I may have inadvertently caused.”

We’ll accept this even if shows that he still doesn’t get it. None of us ever complained about being inconvenienced, what we were mad about was his decision to stick his nose in where he didn’t belong. Wilkie ought to stick to his drill work. We think he will, thanks to you.

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