An AP story yesterday says the following: “A 29-year-old homeless woman has given birth to a baby girl after, police said, she was befriended by a Maryland woman who held her captive for several days and tried to cut the baby from her womb.” Officer Michelle Reedy, spokesperson for Prince George’s County police, commented on how the would-be baby killer behaved: “She bound the victim’s hands and proceeded to try to cut the victim’s abdomen to try to get the baby out. They believe she wanted the victim’s baby.” (Our emphasis.)

Here’s what Catholic League president Bill Donohue had to say:

Baby. That word is constantly invoked. Not fetus. Not clump of cells. Baby. That’s why we emphasized it. Now consider this: also yesterday, the Senate decided that the American people—the majority of whom are opposed to the federal financing of abortion—must pay for the work of doctors who routinely cut babies from their mothers’ wombs.

To put it differently, the taxpayers will now pay for the prison sentence of the unauthorized abortionist and are slated to pay the salaries of authorized abortionists.

Something to think about while we celebrate the birth of baby Jesus.

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