Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the most novel assault on Christmas thus far this year:

Residents of Howard County, Indiana, were hoping to see a manger scene on the county courthouse lawn this Christmas season. Instead, they got a lighted display of the Loch Ness Monster and other animals. From the pictures we’ve seen, we like the big whale the best.

Commissioner Tyler Moore defends this exercise in censorship by explaining, “If we put the religious or Christmas decorations up, we’d be offending a whole other group of citizens and taxpayers.”

It’s not that easy. Some are offended because all the fake animals are oversized—there are no small lighted animals. Thus, we are appealing to everyone to inform Commissioner Moore that either he include a lighted ant, or he needs to take down this display. Since all it takes in America anymore to veto the rights of the majority is for one person to object, then those who are anti-ant should not be allowed to get away with venting their bigotry.

Contact Commissioner Moore:

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