Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the restoration of the “Giving Tree” at Oregon’s Bellview Elementary School:

After listening to parents upset with the removal of the “Giving Tree” from the lobby of Bellview Elementary, and being pounded with e-mails from Catholic League members and supporters, Principal Michelle Zundel decided to put back the tree. But there is still one hitch: it must be modified to avoid favoring any religion. We recommend cutting off all the branches, leaving only the stem.

There is no such thing as a “Giving Tree,” and everyone knows it. Moreover, the reason they are giving “presents”—another word they refuse to use—is because it is Christmastime. That’s what Christians do this time of year: they celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ by giving loved ones, friends and the needy Christmas presents. Even many of those who are doing this linguistic dance—not calling a Christmas tree a Christmas tree—are known to exchange gifts.

The politics of multiculturalism, especially when vented in December, is political correctness gone mad. Worse, it makes liars out of its proponents. To wit: even they know in their heart of hearts that there would be no Christmas tree, no exchange of presents, and no time off from school, were it not for baby Jesus.

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