Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on another anti-Catholic joke:

We know Seth Meyers will never trash Muslims, but he can safely insult Catholics knowing we will not resort to violence. He won’t trash Jews because he doesn’t have the guts to do so, and he sure won’t attack “people of color.” The most protected of all classes these days are the LGBTQXYZ people: he would actually quit his job before mocking them.

Yesterday, we mentioned that Trevor Noah, David Spade, and the Onion libeled priests with “jokes” about the coronavirus. To show how creative the Hollywood writers are, Seth Meyers chimed in last night with one of his own. “Despite Italy’s national lockdown, Pope Francis today urged priests to visit coronavirus patients, and if there’s one thing priests respond to, it’s urges.”

No reasonable person seeks to justify someone who, in the heat of a confrontation, lashes out against his adversary with a bigoted remark. But at least the context helps explain the outburst.

What do we say about someone who makes a gratuitous, totally unprovoked, sweeping statement about an entire class of people, maliciously assaulting them?

This is the state of anti-Catholicism in America today. Those who claim to be the most tolerant people in the country—the Hollywood elite—have more in common with white supremacists than they know.

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