Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on the politics of abortion gone off the deep end:

Most Americans reject the limitless features of Roe v. Wade: they oppose abortion for any reason and at any time during pregnancy. And while they favor keeping abortion legal for some reasons, and in the early stages of pregnancy, there is nothing about abortion that makes them happy.

However, there are some persons who like abortion, even to the point of celebrating it. Moreover, they not only act irrationally when confronted with pro-life Americans, they evince a demonic strain.

March 10 was “National Abortion Providers Appreciation Day,” a time when abortion-happy activists celebrate abortionists for doing what they do best—killing kids. The day pays tribute to David Gunn, the abortionist who met the same fate as his victims on March 10, 1993; he is one of the very few abortionists who has been murdered in American history.

The city council of St. Paul, Minnesota voted 7-0 to join the celebration, as did Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey. Archbishop Bernard Hebda, who represents the twin cities, said he was confounded by these decisions, saying, “There is no way around it—abortion kills children.”

NARAL, the pro-abortion giant, was so jubilant about their special day that they called abortionists “real live superheroes.” Ms. Magazine, co-founded by Gloria Steinem (she aborted her child at age 22), called “National Abortion Providers Appreciation Day” an occasion that recognizes “acts of kindness.” The ACLU issued a statement thanking abortionists for their “life-saving work.”

Last week, the Spokane, Washington city council passed an ordinance that empowers the police to cite pro-life activists who pray, or sing, too loudly outside the local Planned Parenthood abortion clinic. Women on the way to abort their children, and the personnel who perform it, have been complaining about too much noise. They want a quiet environment so they can concentrate on their objective.

Washington, one of the most militantly secular and anti-Catholic states in the nation, was also the site of an ugly confrontation this past weekend in the city of Bellingham. Pro-life students prayed outside a Planned Parenthood abortion mill, and for this “crime” they were subjected to obscenities and harassment.

A man masturbated in his car in front of the students, a woman flashed them, and a man threw a glass vial at them. No one topped a woman who yelled at them, “We don’t need your prayers. Hail Satan!”

Satan has long left his mark on abortion politics, but these recent events suggest he is upping his game.

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