Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on more unprovoked attacks on Catholicism:

The coronavirus has nothing to do with homosexuals, so it would never occur to Hollywood script writers to make them the butt of jokes linking promiscuity to the disease. They are too protective of homosexuals to do that. Catholics are different.

Trevor Noah, one of the most vile bigots on television, told his audience last night that “it’s going to be hard to take Communion seriously when the priest has to throw wafers into people’s mouths from across the room, the body of Christ—from downtown.”

Also on Comedy Central last night, David Spade took aim at the Eucharist—bigots always go for the jugular—by joking about priests who put their fingers in the mouths of Catholics at Communion. A panelist asked if a “little boy gave it to him.”

The Onion has a reputation for being a crude publication but yesterday it outdid itself. It portrayed Pope Francis telling priests to do their part to “stem the spread of this deadly virus by temporarily ceasing all fondling of children in their congregation.”

These three examples from March 9th prove how visceral the strain of anti-Catholicism is in the entertainment world. There are some really sick people working there.

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