The Media trashes the Pope

This piece was written by the League’s Patrick Riley and appeared in the Chicago Tribune on August 19, 1993 The press, by all appearances, is out to get the Pope. Anyone surveying the sea of print media during John Paul II’s visit to Denver would find its waters red with his blood and roiling with anti-Catholic sharks. The papal youth rally... [Read more...]

Anti-Catholic comment taints NY mayor race

Anti-Catholic bigotry has reared its ugly head in the New York City mayoral campaign and the Catholic League quickly called the source of the defamatory comments to account. During a radio show Ms. Ronnie Eldridge, a New York City Councilperson (and wife of columnist┬áJimmy Breslin, a world-class Catholic basher), remarked that Rudolph Giuliani was... [Read more...]

Speaking up…

Editor’s note: Dr. Donohue’s letter appeared in the Wall Street Journal on August 17, 1993. Kids and Sex Ed: War of Ideologies Mr. Criner’s splendid article demonstrates both the folly and the malevolence of the sex-ed industry. There is by now an avalanche of data that conclusively shows how ineffectual it is to pursue the education-determines-behavior... [Read more...]

ABA ducks abortion stance vote

During its annual meeting, the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates, the group’s policy-making body, voted against a proposal submitted by the State Bar of Texas to put to a vote of the organization’s full membership last year’s endorsement of abortion rights. The 1992 action reversed a 1990 vote of the House of Delegates... [Read more...]

League challenges university policy

In a letter to the editor published by the St. Cloud Times, Rosemary Kassekert, a member of the advisory board of the Catholic League’s Minnesota Chapter and Chair of its legal task force, has criticized St. Cloud State University’s controversial policy statement mandating its definition of acceptable student attitudes toward gays and lesbians.... [Read more...]

Worth Noting

Daniel Meenan, a member of the Chicago Chapter of the Catholic League has written a timely essay from which we quote the following tidbits. We thank him for his permission to reprint these remarks. Until we, as a nation, abandon our overly materialistic approach to many of our present day problems such as rampant divorce, standards of ethics, abortion,... [Read more...]

New York Daily News discovers Catholic League

New York Daily News Religion editor Charles W. Bell wrote a solid piece on the Catholic League (August 21) following an interview with League president Bill Donohue. Headlined “Catholic group uses media to defend faith,” the well-written and positive article compared the League’s role to that of the ADL. The article dispelled the myth... [Read more...]


Long Island Chapter The chapter’s annual Awards Dinner is scheduled for October. Honorees have been notified. Ten League members attended the annual Red Mass sponsored by the Guild of Catholic Lawyers. League President Bill Donohue was seated on the dais for the brunch at the Plaza Hotel. Wisconsin Chapter Executive Director George Koch is now... [Read more...]

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