During its annual meeting, the American Bar Association’s House of Delegates, the group’s policy-making body, voted against a proposal submitted by the State Bar of Texas to put to a vote of the organization’s full membership last year’s endorsement of abortion rights. The 1992 action reversed a 1990 vote of the House of Delegates which narrowly rescinded the pro-abortion stance which had been adopted 6 months earlier.

After the vote last year, 3692 members of the organization resigned and many more expressed their outrage over the adoption of the pro-abortion policy. Subsequently, the State Bar of Texas sponsored a resolution calling for a mail ballot of the group’s 360,000 members to determine whether the A.B.A should return to a neutral position on abortion.

Prior to this year’s meeting in August, the Catholic League was instrumental in getting the Guild of Catholic Lawyers to urge concerned attorneys to attend the A.B.A. meeting to express their concern about the abortion issue.

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