Daniel Meenan, a member of the Chicago Chapter of the Catholic League has written a timely essay from which we quote the following tidbits. We thank him for his permission to reprint these remarks.

Until we, as a nation, abandon our overly materialistic approach to many of our present day problems such as rampant divorce, standards of ethics, abortion, pornography, pre-marital sex, condoms for children, and the like, start to approach them first as legitimate moral questions and therefore as part of our spiritual nature, rather than merely mundane matters, we are bound to experience a continuing failure of communication accompanied by misunderstanding, suspicion, hostility and unhappiness. The Bible tells us how God confounded some of his people when their materialistic vanity prompted them to build the great city of Babel without any reference to God and “the Lord confused the speech of all the world.

Though we consider ourselves too intelligent and advanced to be subjected to “Babel, “similarities prevail within our great nation today and until we start to put first in our deliberations, as individuals and a society, the God who made us, we will continue to be faced with widespread misunderstanding, confusion and wide divisions we witness and which satisfies no one. Certainly, the chaos and ultimate destruction of the Godless Soviet Union should serve as an example of what can happen when we humans shut out God and morality from our public lives.

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