Will Catholic Bashing Attend Gay March?

At press time, it was not certain whether the June 25 New York Gay Pride March would be replete with the kind of anti-Catholic exhibitions that marred last year’s march. But one thing is certain: gay organizers received a permit to start the march just one block from St. Patrick’s Cathedral. Responding to this provocation, Catholic League... [Read more...]

Saks Fifth Avenue Removes Offensive “Decoration”

While it seems as though Saks Fifth Avenue is forever changing its window displays, sometimes change happens more quickly then even it might expect. Such was the case in May when callers complained on the “Ed Koch Show” over the “jewelry” that one of the mannequins was adorned with. Over Mother’s Day weekend, a window display... [Read more...]

“Everybody’s not doin’ it” in New York State

In May, 1994, Margaret Hamburg, Commissioner of the New York City Department of Health, wrote to the Catholic League asking that the League reconsider its anti-condom subway advertising campaign. “While it may be true, as the Catholic League suggests,” she wrote, “that abstinence is the most effective strategy for pre- venting the... [Read more...]

Attention all Students and Alumni of Catholic Colleges and Universities!

Have you or someone you know been discriminated against on your college campus due to his Catholicism? Have you ever felt as though you’re the only one concerned about maintaining the integrity of Catholic scholarship? If so, you’ll be glad to know that a new group, the Cardinal Newman Society, is on the scene to assist those working toward... [Read more...]

How TV Views Religion

No one tracks the media better than Brent Bozell’s Media Research Center. Indeed, if it is true that the media are the Fourth Estate then it must be true that the Media Research Center is the Fifth Estate. Its recent report, “Faith in the Box: Television and Religion,” found several interesting items. No religion received more coverage... [Read more...]

Dr. Donohue Receives Honorary Appointment

Dr. Donohue has been named to the Honorary Advisory Council of the Jewish Action Alliance. The Jewish Action Alliance and Catholic League have joined together on various issues in the past (such as the protest against Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam) and look forward to continuing a mutually supportive relationship in the future.  Read More →

Anti-Catholicism Nation’s Worst Prejudice

In a major survey conducted for the National Conference, it was found that the worst negative stereotype of any group in America was held by non-Catholics against Catholics. The organization, previously known as the National Conference of Christians and Jews, reported that 55% of non-Catholics believe that Catholics “want to impose their own ideas... [Read more...]

League Calls on Members to Support GOSPA

Members and friends of the Catholic League are all too familiar with movies that attack and defame the Catholic faith, the most recent being “Priest.” What we may not be accustomed to are films that respect the Catholic faith and teaches us a thing or two about our faith. GOSPA is such a film. The story of Miracles at Medjugorje, GOSPA (which... [Read more...]

Jane Pauley Shows Anti-Catholic Bias

In the June 13 airing of NBC’s “Dateline,” Jane Pauley interviewed Scott O’Grady, the U.S. pilot who was recently rescued in Bosnia. In the course of the interview, the subject turned to religion. Here is how the exchange went: Pauley: Do you believe in destiny? O’Grady: Oh, definitely. I believe in God wholeheartedly.... [Read more...]

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