Members and friends of the Catholic League are all too familiar with movies that attack and defame the Catholic faith, the most recent being “Priest.” What we may not be accustomed to are films that respect the Catholic faith and teaches us a thing or two about our faith. GOSPA is such a film.

The story of Miracles at Medjugorje, GOSPA (which means “Our Lady” in Croatian) was filmed entirely in the former Yugoslavia, using considerable local talent in the acting and production of the film. But don’t be misled as GOSPA is not without star power. Martin Sheen stars as Fr. Jozo Zovko OFM, the parish priest tortured by Communists and ultimately put on trial and convicted for sedition. Michael York is compelling as Milan Vukovic, the lawyer who defends Father Jozo despite threats and opposition. Morgan Fairchild gives a strong and compassionate portrayal as Sister Fabiana Zovko, Fr. Jozo’s sister. Native Croatian people perform many of the other roles.

Tim Penland, the man responsible for the successful nationwide and international distribution of “Chariots of Fire,” is promoting GOSP A. When “Chariots of Fire” first came out, Penland packed theatres by selling discounted tickets at a bulk rate to church groups and others. He would like to so the same for GOSPA. Catholic League members can help by attending the movie when it opens on September 15, or by calling the Penland Co. at (818) 545-0970 to order advance purchase tickets at 20% off the box-office price.

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