While it seems as though Saks Fifth Avenue is forever changing its window displays, sometimes change happens more quickly then even it might expect. Such was the case in May when callers complained on the “Ed Koch Show” over the “jewelry” that one of the mannequins was adorned with.

Over Mother’s Day weekend, a window display at Saks Fifth Avenue featured the use of Rosary beads as a necklace on a rather indiscreetly dressed mannequin. On May 15, callers on the “Ed Koch Show” registered their protest over the disrespectful use of a Catholic method of devotional prayer, and subsequently called Saks Fifth Avenue and the Catholic League. But before Dr. Donohue got a chance to view the window display, the Rosary was removed from the display.

While Saks erred in its disrespectful treatment of the Rosary, credit should be given to its President, Ms. Rosemary Bravo, for her quick action in removing the religious “jewelry.”

It may just be that Ms. Bravo remembered the strong public reaction that greeted Barneys last December and decided that the risk of offending Catholics outweighed the merits of letting the window display stand.

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