ABA ”Regrets” Offense

Vicki Quade, the editor of the ABA journal, Human Rights, has made a reply, of sorts, to those who criticized the cover of the journal’s summer edition. Catholic League members will recall that in that edition, a pregnant woman appeared on the cover, in a crucifix-like pose, with her unborn child showing inside her body. So proud of their work,... [Read more...]

Hate Groups Not Entitled To Public Funding

The Catholic League objects to public funding of hate groups, and that is why it supports the efforts of Congressman Peter King to deny government contracts to the Nation of Islam. Printed below is the text of the letter sent by the Catholic League to Congressman King and to Housing and Urban Development Secretary Henry Cisneros. October 23, 1995 Hon.... [Read more...]

Keep Your Victim Status!

by Susan Fani, Editor A cartoon that appeared in the fall edition of the national college news- paper Campus was called “Diversity Training in the U.S.” It showed a group of people pointing fingers at each other and crying epithets including “Racist! Homo! Reverse Racist! Anti-Semite! Anti-Catholic!” Anti–Catholic? That... [Read more...]

Pace University Funds Anti-Catholic Play

On October 12, 13 and 14, the Pace Players performed the anti-Catholic play, Agnes of God, at Pace University. Pace Players received approval from the Student Government Association for this play and used school funds to defray the costs. William Donohue expressed his reservations about the play in a statement to the press: “It is one thing for... [Read more...]

Texaco Apologizes, Bravo Condescends

Bravo’s Windows offended Catholics by featuring a segment called “Temptation,” as Catalyst readers will recall from the last issue. The temptation in the dance routine was a nun and the tempted was a priest whose behavior was scandalous. As a result of the League’s actions, Texaco apologized for sponsoring this anti-Catholic... [Read more...]

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