On October 12, 13 and 14, the Pace Players performed the anti-Catholic play, Agnes of God, at Pace University. Pace Players received approval from the Student Government Association for this play and used school funds to defray the costs.

William Donohue expressed his reservations about the play in a statement to the press:

“It is one thing for a college or university to show a movie that is regarded by many Catholics as offensive, quite another to use student monies to fund a play that is anti-Catholic. In his book, Hollywood vs. America, Michael Medved lists Agnes of God as one of the most anti-Catholic movies in recent years. This movie shows a nun in a convent murdering her baby and flushing the bloody corpse down the toilet. It further shows the Mother Superior covering up the crime. The film not only offends Catholic sensibilities, it promotes contempt for their religion.

“I would be willing to bet my last dollar that the Pace Players will not be staging a production of any play that might offend Native Americans. Indeed, the very thought of dumping on Indians would be considered an offense against the multicultural agenda. But Catholic-bashing plays can be performed precisely because tolerance for the cultural heritage of Catholicism has not passed the political litmus test of the multicultural gurus. If the high priests of tolerance on the faculty at Pace had any back- bone, they would join our protest.”

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