Bravo’s Windows offended Catholics by featuring a segment called “Temptation,” as Catalyst readers will recall from the last issue. The temptation in the dance routine was a nun and the tempted was a priest whose behavior was scandalous. As a result of the League’s actions, Texaco apologized for sponsoring this anti-Catholic bigotry. Further, W. Michael Keenan, the Manager of Corporate Advertising and Sales Promotion, stated in a letter to Dr. Donohue that Texaco voiced its concerns to Bravo and “have instructed them not to air this program on our Showcase in the future.” Affirmatively, he informed the League that there was going to be a “screening procedure for the Texaco Performing Arts Showcase.”

However, Bravo remains unrepentant. The Executive Vice President and General Manager, Kathleen A. Dore, wrote in a letter to Dr. Donohue that “Bravo is television’s foremost exhibitor of arts programming.” She proceeded to explain the meaning of Windows. She lamely offered that it was not Bravo’s “intent…to offend any group….We view…the surreal events portrayed… open to wide interpretation.” The final condescension came with the comment “we very much appreciate hearing your viewpoint, and will take this into consideration when programming this or other titles in the future.”

The League is pleased that Texaco is acting responsibly, but is dismayed at Bravo’s attitude.

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