Ethics Board Acts On League Complaint

Last spring, the Catholic League filed a formal complaint with the New York State Ethics Commission against James Williams, an attorney for the New York State Department of Law (DOL), on the grounds that he misused his office for partisan political ends. The League charged Williams with using office time to organize a symposium on “Lesbian and... [Read more...]

Hate Crime Against the League

Shortly after denouncing the anti-Catholic tactics of a militant gay group, the Catholic League itself became the target of homosexual terrorism. Sometime during the evening of Wednesday, February 1, 1995, the automobile belonging to Catholic League Operations Director Joe Doyle was vandalized in the parking lot of the League’s office in Boston.... [Read more...]

Did ”60 Minutes” Blink?

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Prayer for National Leaders

Almighty God, we come together on this special occasion to pray for the leaders of our great nation: For President Clinton, for Vice President Gore and the Cabinet, for members of the Congress and justices of the Supreme Court, indeed, for all the men and women who are called to serve the American people, and whose judgment, decisions, and actions affect... [Read more...]

Vermont Printer Case Nears Resolution

Although a state superior court judge last year dismissed a lawsuit filed against them by Vermont Catholics for Free Choice (VCFC), Chuck and Susan Baker, a Catholic couple, must return to court once again to defend their decision to refuse to print the materials for the pro-abortion group. On appeal, the Vermont Supreme Court over-turned the lower... [Read more...]

Catholic Medical Schools Hit by Accreditation Ruling

The Catholic League is keeping a close watch on the most recent development concerning abortion. In recent years, fewer and fewer doctors and hospitals have been willing to provide abortions. The Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) would like to change that, by coercion if necessary. In a February 14 press release, it announced... [Read more...]

High Court Hears Rosenberger

On March 1, the Supreme Court heard oral argument in Rosenberger et al. u. The Rector and Visitors of the University of Virginia et al.. Michael W. McConnell, a law professor at the University of Chicago, argued on behalf of the petitioners that since the University of Virginia funded other forms of speech, the school’s refusal to fund the religious... [Read more...]

Washington Times Cartoon Earns League Reprimand

Washington Times Letter to the Editor 3600 New York Ave. N.E. Washington, D.C. 20002 Dear Editor: The cartoon of February 10 by Peter Steiner shows a man speaking to a woman and her child at her front door, saying “We’re required by law to tell you that a sex offender is moving into your neighborhood. Don’t worry though, it’s... [Read more...]

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