Shortly after denouncing the anti-Catholic tactics of a militant gay group, the Catholic League itself became the target of homosexual terrorism. Sometime during the evening of Wednesday, February 1, 1995, the automobile belonging to Catholic League Operations Director Joe Doyle was vandalized in the parking lot of the League’s office in Boston. Attached to the hood of the car was a pink triangle with a white circle in its center – the symbol of violent homosexual extremist groups like ACT-UP and Queer Nation.

Just three days earlier, Doyle had appeared in the Boston Sunday Globe criticizing a homosexual rally held the day before in Irish Catholic South Boston. The rally, called by the radical homosexual organization, “What’s Up,” excoriated the South Boston Allied War Veterans Council – the traditional sponsors of Boston’s St. Patrick’s Day Parade – for alleged “hatred, bigotry, racism and homophobia.”

Doyle told the Globe that the homosexual protestors were doing more to spread hatred than prevent it. “Castigating as ‘hatred’ the moral and religious beliefs held by Catholics about homosexual behavior is nothing less than anti-Catholic bigotry,” Doyle said.

The Community Disorders Unit of the Boston Police Department confirmed that the pink triangle was the type and kind used by homosexual militants. It was sent to the Massachusetts State Police Laboratory for analysis. As this was an act of violence motivated by religious bigotry, the police stated that they were treating the incident as an anti-Catholic¬†hate crime and would record it as such. Doyle said the incident fits the pattern of behavior of homosexual¬†extremists. “Given their intolerance of free speech, their hostility to the constitutional rights of their opponents, and their propensity for violence against Catholics, it comes as no surprise that the Catholic League would be the object of their criminal activities,” Doyle said. “Anti-Catholic bigotry is pervasive among militant homosexual groups. This is one more example of their hatred of the Faith.”

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